Dining Chair Prussian Blue Farrand

Length: 62 cm, Depth: 64 cm, Height: 77 cm, Seat Height: 47 cm
Selected Fabric
Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue

Fabric Option
Cream Eggshell Sea Green Slaked Lime
Feet :
painting black and brass caps


FARRAND represents one of our signature dining chairs, especially with the luxurious velvet. The curved shape of the back and the mahogany legs give this originality and this delicate silhouette.


  • Made in Indonesia
  • Frame is Mahogany wood
  • Seat and back are generously padded with high-resiliency foam
  • Feet in mahogany wood with gold metal


Prussian Blue (Composition: 100% Polyester)


Length: 62 cm
Depth: 64 cm
Height: 77 cm
Seat Height: 47 cm


Feet :
painting black and brass caps